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Current Volunteer Opportunities

We have several volunteer opportunities available here at the Kansas Food Bank:

  • Sort Room – help sort canned and dry food products along with hygiene and other items
  • Food 4 Kids – pack weekend carriers with kid friendly food for chronically hungry children
  • Front Desk Volunteer – answer phones and greet guests, learn more and how to apply for this position here
  • SNAP Outreach Telephone Volunteer – assist with food stamp application processing, learn more and how to apply for this position here
  • Filling the Gap Delivery Drivers – help deliver meals for kids in the Wichita area during Spring Break

For more information about any of the above volunteer opportunities please email: volunteer@kansasfoodbank.org or call (316) 265-3663.


Volunteer Policies & Information

In order to ensure the safety of our volunteers, the food in the warehouse, and that all of our volunteers have a good and productive time, we ask that you follow these guidelines when you visit our facility:

  • Dress Code: The temperature in the warehouse varies by season, so please dress accordingly. A light jacket is recommended in winter. Please wear closed-toe shoes, like sneakers, to protect your feet as we do not allow any open-toe shoes in the warehouse.  For safety reasons, we ask that you not use your cellphone or MP3 player or other listening devices while in the warehouse. Pants must be worn at the waist with a belt if necessary; no sagging allowed.  Please do not wear loose jewelry during your volunteer shift.
  • Children: Children under the age of 18 are not allowed in the warehouse unsupervised. If you bring children with you, we ask that you have at least one adult for every 4 children to monitor them and ensure their safety in the warehouse. No young children under the age of 8 are allowed. No strollers are allowed.
  • Food & Drinks: As funny as it may sound… no food or drinks are allowed in the warehouse, with the exception of bottled water, which must remain capped to prevent spills. We have a break room with water available, and a refrigerator to store your lunch if you bring one with you.
  • Personal Belongings: We have a limited area for storing personal belongings. We ask that you leave most in your car. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Parking: Volunteers should park inside the fenced area on the east side of the building, along the fence facing the highway.
  • COURT-ORDERED COMMUNITY SERVICE: Please note that volunteers must be 18 years or older and *NOT* currently completing a *court-ordered* community service requirement to participate. If you need to make arrangements to do *court-ordered* community service, please call us M-F, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, and ask to schedule Community Service.

Volunteer Terms of Service

Waiver of Liability
By volunteering at the Kansas Food Bank, you are assuming all risk of injury associated with your volunteer participation on the premises of the Food Bank or Food Bank activities conducted off-site. You are not considered an employee of the Food Bank and are not, therefore, covered by the Food Bank’s workers’ compensation insurance. By volunteering, you also release the Food Bank and its representatives, sponsors, and supervisors from any and all claims, causes of action, and liability arising from or relating to your activities as a volunteer. You agree to comply with all posted safety instructions and follow the directions provided by Food Bank staff and assigned supervisors. Firearms and weapons are not permitted on Food Bank premises.

Photo/Video Release
By entering our premise, you agree that the Food Bank and its representatives may take photographs, videos, and other images of you, and you consent to the Food Bank’s use of the photographs, videos, and other images taken or produced. The Food Bank may use those items in fundraising, for marketing and promotional purposes, and in electronic media for an unlimited time period, and you will not be entitled to receive any compensation, payment, royalty or other remuneration from the Food Bank.

All volunteer information is kept confidential, and will not be shared or sold to third parties, pursuant to our Privacy Policy.