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Finding Help

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The Kansas Food Bank supplies free and low-cost food to pantries, soup kitchens and churches who give out food to the hungry. If you are looking for a source of food, we have a lengthy list of agencies across the state who can assist you.

The map below shows food pantries and meal sites associated with the Kansas Food Bank. Click on icons for times and dates that food is available. Meal sites are shown with a fork and knife. Pantries are shown with a milk and apple.

In addition, you can look at our complete list of Wichita Metro Area Help Agencies [PDF] or our list of Help Agencies Outside of Wichita.  The State of Kansas operates TEFAP Commodities distribution sites all over the state, and you can look up one of their locations near you [PDF].

Call us for information about agencies in your area (316-265-3663) or e-mail info@ksfoodbank.org.

View KSFB - Wichita Metro Area Emergency Food Resources in a full screen map